24 Hour Zine Challenge!!!! Coming this weekend!!!

In order to meet the challenge, the PZS 24hr Zine Challengers MUST make a 24-page zine of an original conception straight up to the final product in 24 hours straight. The zine should be of suitable size and technical difficulty so that this truly is a challenge for individual zinesters.

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Information for challengers: 

We will have supplies (paper, glue, scissors, typewriters, etc.) available, along with some snacks.

We encourage you to reach out to friends and family to sponsor your challenge! Their pledges go to help supporting the Portland Zine Symposium. They can sign up to sponsor you here.

To bring: $5 registration fee, any zine materials you’d like to have, pillows/blankets/sleeping gear, any extra snacks/drinks you want

The IPRC has two copy machines (one is now in color!) on hand to help you create your fabulous zine black and white copies are 7 cents per side for members (trial membership is $35) and 10 cents per side for nonmembers. Color copies are 45 cents per side for members and 55 cents per side for nonmembers

(Moishe House Portland Zine Workshop, May 2014)


please submit to Chiddush!

a space for new-ish Jewish thought and creativity

looking for submissions for inaugural issue of this zine!

(Chiddush is Hebrew/Yiddish for a shift in tradition or brilliant innovation. Simply, something NEW).

seeking art, photography, writing of all kinds.

what makes Jewish meaning today? make it up!

(this can be a space for: storytelling, show and tell, swagger, text interpretation, poetry, language games, pretty/not so pretty pictures, and more…)

Sponsored by Tent: Encounters With Jewish Culture



It’s (almost) that time of year—the Portland Zine Symposium is just around the corner (July 12th-13th)!

To celebrate, we’ve put together 3 bundles of zines + buttons for 3 lucky winners!

The Rules:

-Each reblog counts as one entry! Reblog as many or little times as you please, three winners will be chosen at random.

-In your entry, please indicate which bundle you are placing an entry for. (Ex: Bundle 1, 2, 3, or any.)

-Must be following the Portland Zine Symposium Tumblr!

-Three winners will be chosen on June 30th, 2014. Please have your ask box open so we can contact you.

Questions? The PZS Ask Box is always open!

Good luck!

Haven’t found a Haggadah that fits quite right?

Though Pesach 5774 is almost at an end, I can’t let the Chag pass without a nod to the art of the Haggadah zine. The morning Passover began, I was fortunate enough to sneak one last bite of leaven with a dear friend. He handed me a family Haggadah, that he had typeset and bound himself; what could certainly be called a zine. I was thrilled to incorporate their curation of this narrative, along with the other voices at our table. Now a part of our permanent collection!

I know many young Jewish students are tasked with making their own Haggadah, or at least pieces of, and I think I would like to make one next year as well!

For next year, here is a popular Haggadah zine, titled Love and Justice In Times Of War: http://saltyfemme.wordpress.com/haggadah-zine/

Still not it? MAKE YOUR OWN!!! Chag Sameach!

Thank you to Will Prahl for the beautiful Haggadah.